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Flatsharing has become a popular choice for many Vancouver residents, whether you are a student or a worker. It offers financial and social benefits, and can be a very rewarding human experience. If you are looking for a roommate in Vancouver, here are some things to consider.

There are many options for finding a roommate in Vancouver, depending on your budget and the atmosphere you are looking for. There are currently 216 rooms available for shared accommodation, with an average rent of $944. Finding a furnished or unfurnished room in Vancouver is also easy. 61% of the rooms are furnished and 39% are not, according to your preferences. There are also 16% of rooms that allow smokers and 18% that allow pets, so if you have particular preferences, be sure to check this aspect when looking for a roommate.

But what makes the charm of shared accommodation in Vancouver is the great diversity of atmospheres offered! There is a roommate for each roommate profile. You can opt for a quiet roommate for two or three people, or for a "community" style apartment sharing with several roommates. In Vancouver, there's a roommate for every lifestyle.


Vancouver, a cosmopolitan and lively city

Roommates for all tastes and budgets

The possibilities are numerous when it comes to finding a flatshare in Amsterdam, both in terms of budget and atmosphere.

With its varied neighborhoods, Vancouver is a city full of surprises. Each district of the city has its own history and culture, and offers a unique living environment. If you're looking for action, choose a roommate in downtown Vancouver. You will find many restaurants, bars and concert halls, as well as many activities to spend time with your roommates.

If you prefer quiet, you might be interested in a roommate in a residential area of Vancouver, such as Kerrisdale. This area is known for its small shops and parks, and offers a peaceful and family atmosphere. The trendy Kitsilano district is also very popular with students and young workers. With its cafes, vintage shops and independent bookstores, it offers a relaxed and cultural atmosphere.

By opting for a roommate in Vancouver, you can occupy spacious accommodation at a reasonable cost while discovering a city rich in culture and entertainment. Find the perfect roommate for you and enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer!


With Quoloc, find your perfect roommate in Vancouver

In summary, when it comes to finding a roommate in Vancouver, you are spoiled for choice. If you're having trouble deciding or want to broaden your search, you can use Quoloc to help you. Our virtual map lists available shared rooms throughout Vancouver, with detailed information on rents, inclusions, neighborhood and the vibe of each apartment. We also support you in your search for a roommate, by offering you profiles that match your criteria. You can refine your searches based on several factors such as availability, languages spoken, animals or smokers. Finding the perfect roommate in Vancouver has never been easier with the help of Quoloc.

You can also narrow your searches by several other factors, such as:

• A furnished/unfurnished bedroom
• The price of the room
• Availability dates
• The languages spoken within the roommate
• Whether or not pets or smokers are present


In conclusion, roommates in Vancouver offer a multitude of options to suit all needs, budgets and lifestyles. Between the different neighborhoods of the city and the options of furnished or unfurnished, with or without smokers, with or without pets, there is something for everyone. Finding a roommate in Vancouver is also the opportunity to live in a cosmopolitan city with a unique atmosphere in each neighborhood.


Rooms stats in Vancouver

rooms available
average monthly rent
not furnished
not smoking
no pets

Latest rooms posted in Vancouver

Dsc 2626 5
May 2017 c
Omar Z. Vancouver
$924 / MONTH
Img 20210602 135942
Img 20210602 135942
Taylor A. Vancouver
$775 / MONTH
Meg apartment 3
No avatar
Meagan T. Vancouver
$872 / MONTH
16508632 1307910162609787 3058628461363484318 n
Mariana A. Vancouver
$1,085 / MONTH
01   exterior
No avatar
Caleb W. Vancouver
$697 / MONTH
Img 20150828 00002
258984 10150212549650819 4676991 o  2
Jamie S. Vancouver
$348 / MONTH
12239759 10156265705635026 3017767605435491715 n
Dana F. Vancouver
$775 / MONTH
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