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In Montreal, colocation aka house sharing is a common practice. Students and workers frequently use it, both for its economic benefits and for the sharing values it represents. In addition to a good rent, it can also be a great human experience. All you have to do is orient your research! Quoloc helps you find your roommate in Montreal.


Live with a Roommate in Montreal: experience the diversity

Roommates for all tastes

There are many possibilities when it comes to finding a flatshare in Montreal, both in terms of budget and atmosphere.

So, first, know that the rent for a room in a shared apartment is between $350 and $800, with an average of $690. A wide range, varying according to the size of the accommodation and the room, but also according to the district. Inclusions like internet, electricity and heating are also variables to take into account for the total rent. In Montreal, house sharing is in any case an economically attractive option which allows, for example, to occupy a spacious apartment at a lower cost.

But what makes the real charm of Montreal house sharing is the great diversity of atmospheres it offers! All lifestyles are indeed represented. From a quiet roommate for two or three people, to sharing a community-style apartment with 12 roommates, each roommate profile can find something to suit them.

Montreal, a rich and varied city

With its eclectic districts, the Quebec metropolis is a real patchwork, at the crossroads between big North American city and European city. Each Montreal district has its history and culture, and offers a unique living environment.

A roommate on the Plateau, for example, will guarantee you a lively daily and close to everything. Restaurants, bars and concert halls are legion, and are all excuses to go party with your roommates!

If calm is your priority, you may prefer a shared apartment in Little Italy, a family neighborhood with small shops and multiple parks. Jarry Park, for example, is as much appreciated by locals as newcomers and foreign students.

The trendy Mile-End district, where rents are still accessible to tight budgets, remains very popular with students and young workers. Cafes, thrift stores and independent bookstores dot its streets and reflect a bohemian lifestyle in Montreal.. 


With Quoloc, find your ideal roommate in Montreal

In short, to find a room to rent in Montreal, you are really spoiled for choice, and that's where Quoloc comes in!

Our virtual map lists the shared rooms available everywhere in Montreal, which allows you to make your selection according to your geographic criteria.
Browse the map and find the ads that are best placed for you, for example in relation to your workplace or your university.

You can also refine your searches based on several other factors, such as: 

• A furnished / unfurnished room
• The price of the room
• Availability dates
• Languages spoken within the shared house
• Whether or not animals or smokers are allowed

Quoloc is therefore the tool of choice to find your perfect roommates in Montreal. And because we want to accompany you all over the world, know that our interactive maps are also available for other big cities, like New York oo Amsterdam !


Rooms stats in Montreal

rooms available
average monthly rent
not furnished
not smoking
no pets

Latest rooms posted in Montreal

243213844 645958416387774 7421138042671374492 n
No avatar
Eve L. Laval
$1,031 / MONTH
Condo 4496258
Sandra F. Montréal
$872 / MONTH
Kitchen counter yes
Pro di 2
Diana P. Montréal
$400 / MONTH
Khadija M. Montréal
$555 / MONTH
239400233 863048527923825 6272228462857293145 n
No avatar
carole M. Montréal
$674 / MONTH
Chambre sous sol
No avatar
Marcia L. Montréal
$634 / MONTH
227246682 166774728876320 3249419392423068341 n
Amelie S. Montréal
$453 / MONTH
20210429 090434
No avatar
Bruno P. Montréal
$416 / MONTH
Img 2577
63873435390  bcb14ddd 54eb 4e21 950f c8e6c2f084a0
Sébastien C. Montréal
$515 / MONTH
Salon 1
Chambre arr 1
Heïa B. Montréal
$709 / MONTH
Large bedroom
DINA M. laval
$594 / MONTH
224185233 2569920999820464 3813286980184536032 n
225615110 345252697265240 7276357185131576726 n
Louis-Frédérik G. Montréal
$396 / MONTH
8831 floorplanlabeled
Me cropped
Christophe M. Montréal
$475 / MONTH
Img 1598
No avatar
Heidi M. Montréal
$515 / MONTH
20200508 100552
Img 7498
Gabrielle Anne D. Montreal
$515 / MONTH
131771057 4462923593741310 2855003932001444604 n
Img 20201009 191310
Alex A. Montréal
$376 / MONTH
Capture d e cran 2020 11 28 a  8.15.18 pm
Capture d e cran 2021 03 07 a  16.24.51
Armances F. Montreal
$668 / MONTH
1chambre 3
Anais C. Montréal
$535 / MONTH
196731905 2830702223834410 7224759431890604135 n
Léonard O. Montréal
$614 / MONTH
Received 619371182795610
Received 619371182795610
Anaïs R. Montréal
$396 / MONTH
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