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Vancouver is a beautiful and welcoming city that attracts many expats and students looking for an apartment. With its many vibrant neighborhoods and housing options to suit all budgets, finding the perfect apartment in Vancouver is easy.

Popular neighborhoods to find an apartment in Vancouver

Vancouver is a huge city and there are many popular areas to find an apartment. If you are looking for a central apartment, you can opt for the downtown district, known for its dynamism and its proximity to the main tourist attractions. The Kitsilano district is also very popular, with its lively streets and numerous bars and restaurants. If you prefer a quieter setting, the Yaletown neighborhood is a great option, with its leafy parks and peaceful streets.

The different types of apartments available in Vancouver

Vancouver offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from luxury apartments to inexpensive rooms in shared houses. If you are looking for a self-contained apartment, you can opt for a studio, one bedroom or a two bedroom apartment. There is also a wide variety of furnished or unfurnished apartments, with options for smokers or non-smokers, and for pet owners or not. According to statistics, currently there are 35 apartments available in Vancouver, the average rent is just over $1686 CAD, 77% of them are furnished and 23% are unfurnished, 8% accept smokers and 92% do not accept them, 8% accept animals and 82% do not accept them.

Why use Quoloc to find an apartment in Vancouver?

Finding an apartment in Vancouver can be a challenge, especially if you're new to the city. This is where Quoloc can help! Our platform brings together a large number of apartment listings available in Vancouver, with the possibility of filtering according to your search criteria to find the offer that suits you best. Plus, Quoloc makes it easy for you to contact advertisers and chat with them before making a decision. Finally, our service is completely free, which makes it a practical and economical solution to find your ideal apartment in Vancouver.


In summary, finding an apartment in Vancouver can be a challenge, but thanks to Quoloc, you have all the keys in hand to find the perfect accommodation. Use our interactive map to select listings based on your budget, neighborhood preferences and housing criteria. Do not hesitate to use our filters to refine your search and find the ideal apartment in Vancouver. We hope we have helped you in your search for the perfect apartment in Vancouver!


Apartments stats in Vancouver

apartments available
average monthly rent
not furnished
not smoking
no pets

Latest housings posted in Vancouver

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Vancouver coverphoto
Gabriela R. Vancouver
$1,700 / MONTH
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No avatar
David M. Vancouver
$1,318 / MONTH
Img 0806
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Nikki E. Vancouver
$659 / MONTH
No avatar
Elizabeth L. Vancouver
$1,473 / MONTH
Img 0897
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MaryJane O. Vancouver
$2,249 / MONTH
027 interior
10405343 10155608825845526 9001139833737781571 n
Brad M. Vancouver
$1,779 / MONTH
00x0x kvtchp58nmj 600x450
14039901 10102866802681821 6770260775926604357 n
Emma D. Vancouver
$713 / MONTH
00000 jl38ztsgye8 600x450
16832239 10158372348070492 6217150814422340111 n
Sarah E. Vancouver
$1,822 / MONTH
2001 wall jpeg 02
15170780 1141598919258482 4722492405692213235 n
Polina C. Vancouver
$2,093 / MONTH
1330burrardstreet 0427
15170780 1141598919258482 4722492405692213235 n
Polina C. Vancouver
$1,380 / MONTH
888 beach
14906848 10157692070615702 6950769976635028218 n
Sara C. Vancouver
$2,171 / MONTH
No avatar
Maria M. Vancouver
$1,667 / MONTH
File 001  2
File 009
David X. Richmond
$930 / MONTH
13932175 10153744320166905 2109182106 o
No avatar
Cass B. Vancouver
$628 / MONTH
11056894 10153174352366667 1001873446175616783 n
Maddy S. Vancouver
$601 / MONTH
No avatar
Surena A. Burnaby
$659 / MONTH
No avatar
Monica S. Burnaby
$1,318 / MONTH
00p0p cqex6md4thp 600x450
71732 4637272162500 1438078963 n
Cléo G. Vancouver
$1,395 / MONTH
20160128 152115
1395159 10152010247968420 1871744923 n
Jhonatan C. Vancouver
$612 / MONTH
No avatar
Clover L. Vancouver
$387 / MONTH
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