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New York is one of the most iconic cities in the United States, known for its culture, history, and vibrant nightlife. However, this city can also be extremely expensive, especially for people looking to move there alone. Fortunately, co-living has become increasingly popular in the city, providing renters with an affordable alternative to renting a room or apartment.

Rooms Available in New York:

There are currently 908 co-living rooms available on Quoloc in New York. The average budget for a room is $1,698 USD. 52% of the rooms are furnished and 48% are not. 18% accept smokers and 82% are non-smoking. 23% accept pets and 77% do not accept them.

Different Co-living Options in New York:

There are many co-living options available in New York, ranging from large shared houses to small shared apartments. Renters can choose between private co-living arrangements or co-living arrangements organized by companies that handle roommate matching and payments.

Neighborhoods in New York:

There are a variety of neighborhoods in New York, each with its own style and benefits. Some neighborhoods such as Manhattan and Brooklyn are known to be more expensive, while other neighborhoods like Queens and the Bronx offer more affordable rents. Renters can also choose to live in more quiet, residential neighborhoods or in livelier, trendier neighborhoods.

Why use Quoloc to Find a Co-living in New York:

Quoloc is an effective tool for finding a co-living in New York. It offers a large number of rooms available in the city and provides detailed information about the rooms, including budget, amenities, proximity to public transportation, and house rules. Additionally, users can check reviews from previous renters for a better understanding of the room and co-living arrangement.

In summary, co-living has become a popular and affordable alternative for people looking to move to New York. There are many options available in various neighborhoods, including furnished and unfurnished rooms, options for smokers and non-smokers, and options for pet owners or not. Quoloc is an effective tool for finding a co-living in New York, offering a wide variety of choices and detailed information about rooms and roommates. Using Quoloc, renters can easily find the perfect co-living for them and enjoy everything the city of New York has to offer.


Rooms stats in New York City

rooms available
average monthly rent
not furnished
not smoking
no pets

Latest rooms posted in New York City

Screen shot 2017 02 27 at 12.15.00 pm
14095750 10101125479087819 992955883578438263 n
Nicole G. New York
$2,705 / MONTH
France 2021
Ian M. Brooklyn
$1,400 / MONTH
Apartment 2114
Photo on 12 2 21 at 10.41 am
Anna M. New York
$2,289 / MONTH
Img 3191
$1,026 / MONTH
Whatsapp image 2021 10 06 at 6.19.11 pm  1
No avatar
Nicolas A. New York
$1,051 / MONTH
Img 6998
No avatar
fatemah d. New York
$1,603 / MONTH
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Fanny P. Brooklyn
$2,771 / MONTH
Noah L. New York
$1,372 / MONTH
12191049 10153771589305152 1871750446624833831 n
Jacob P. New York
$1,266 / MONTH
Screen shot 2021 05 17 at 11.12.14 am
Alice G. Brooklyn
$907 / MONTH
Img 0789
Smruti D. Brooklyn
$1,425 / MONTH
Img 6807
No avatar
Judith W. The Bronx
$791 / MONTH
No avatar
Yagiz C. New York
$1,562 / MONTH
Post roof1
Holly L. Brooklyn
$1,266 / MONTH
136644900 4171737596174047 4409730899660246406 o
734027 1205945412753295 7080139407248141161 n
Hannah W. Brooklyn
$1,346 / MONTH
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Jami H. Brooklyn
$844 / MONTH
18922146 10212669503600098 7841559491706829913 n
david l. New York
$1,583 / MONTH
Bathroom 2
Patricia B. New York
$1,266 / MONTH
Screen shot 2020 11 07 at 8.04.10 am
No avatar
Daniele O. New York
$1,266 / MONTH
Img 0523
No avatar
Michael C. Brooklyn
$1,108 / MONTH
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