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Flatshare in Moscow: a popular solution for students and young professionals
Moscow's shared accommodation market is growing, providing an affordable solution for students and young professionals looking to reduce housing costs while enjoying community living. According to the latest data, the average rent price for a shared room in Moscow is 25,000 rubles (about 300 euros) with a fairly high availability of furnished rooms (70%) and a relatively high acceptance of smokers and pets (50 % and 40% respectively).


The districts of Moscow
Moscow is divided into 10 districts, each with its own style and vibe. The most popular areas for flatsharing are the historical center, Tverskoy, Arbat, Kitay-Gorod and the university districts. These neighborhoods are generally dynamic, lively and offer a large choice of bars, restaurants and shops. They are also well served by public transport and have easy access to universities and businesses. However, these neighborhoods can also be noisy and crowded, and rents can be higher than elsewhere.


The advantages of Quoloc
By using Quoloc to find a roommate in Moscow, you have access to a large number of advertisements for available rooms, with filters to help you find the one that best suits your criteria. Additionally, you can also create your own ad to maximize your chances of finding a roommate who shares your interests and preferences. Quoloc is therefore an effective tool for finding a roommate in Moscow that meets your needs.


In short, shared accommodation is a popular solution for students and young professionals looking to reduce their housing costs while enjoying community life. The flatshare market in Moscow is growing, offering varied options in terms of neighborhoods, prices and availability. Using Quoloc to find a roommate in Moscow can help you maximize your chances of finding a room that suits your needs.


Rooms stats in Moscow

rooms available
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