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Finding a roommate in Moscow can be difficult, especially in a city as large and cosmopolitan as this. Shared accommodation is, however, a popular option for young professionals and students, who are looking to reduce their expenses while enjoying community life. Quoloc, the online platform dedicated to finding roommates, makes your job easier by allowing you to create your room search ad and filter ads based on your criteria.


Why use Quoloc to find a roommate in Moscow?
Using Quoloc to find a roommate in Moscow, you can easily browse through our list of roommates looking for a room in the city and use filters such as neighborhood preference, age group, languages spoken, language. occupation (student, worker), average rent budget, interests and adjectives to describe their personality. This allows you to maximize your chances of finding not only a roommate that matches your needs, but also a friend to share your daily life in Moscow with.


Why create a roommate ad on Quoloc in Moscow?
By using Quoloc to find a roommate in Moscow, you maximize your chances of not only finding a roommate, but also one or more friends with whom to share moments of your daily life. By creating an advertisement on our platform, you can highlight your personality and your preferences, and be contacted directly by people interested in your profile who have a room available and who think that you correspond to the lifestyle of the roommate.


The districts of Moscow
Moscow is a cosmopolitan and diverse city, with a variety of neighborhoods that offer housing options for all budgets and lifestyles. For people looking for a roommate, here are the 5 neighborhoods most popular with young professionals and students:
• The Kremlin: This district is known for its rich history and its proximity to Moscow's main points of interest, such as Red Square and Saint Basil's Cathedral.
• Tverskaya: This district is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and lively nightlife. It is also close to many upscale stores, restaurants, and bars.
• Arbat: This district is popular for its historical and cultural ambiance, with many theatres, museums and art galleries. It is also known for its lively pedestrian streets and traditional restaurants.
• Kitai-Gorod: This district is famous for its historical architecture and its proximity to major tourist attractions in Moscow, such as Kazan Cathedral and Three Cultures Square.
• Sokolniki: This district is popular for its peaceful park and green spaces, as well as its proximity to Moscow's business centers and universities. It is also well served by public transport.


By using Quoloc to find a roommate in Moscow and by exploring the different areas of the city, you have a good chance of finding a roommate that suits your needs and lifestyle. Don't forget to create an ad on our platform to maximize your chances of finding an ideal roommate.


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