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Shared housing is a practical and economical solution for living in Atlanta, whether for financial reasons or to enjoy community living. However, finding a roommate can be difficult, which is why Quoloc has created a platform dedicated to finding roommates in Atlanta.

Why use Quoloc to find a roommate in Atlanta?

Currently, there are 53 people looking for a room in Atlanta. Their average budget for a room is $932. 18% are students and 71% are employees. 65% are women and 35% are men. 90% speak English and 7% speak French. Through Quoloc, you can browse our list of roommate listings and use filters (such as gender, age, occupation, spoken languages) to potentially find not only your next roommate, but also your new friend.

Why create a roommate listing on Quoloc in Atlanta?

To find a room to rent in Atlanta, creating a roommate listing on Quoloc can be very advantageous. By indicating your budget for rent, your personal description, your interests, and a list of adjectives (funny, party-loving, creative, generous, zen, sporty, foodie, curious, night owl, independent, clean, loud), you can easily highlight your personality and preferences. In this way, people who have a room available and are interested in your profile can contact you directly. This maximizes your chances, because in addition to regularly checking shared housing listings in Atlanta, you also have a listing on our site. This way, people who have a room available and who like your personality and interests can contact you.

By creating a roommate ad on Quoloc, you increase your chances of finding a room that meets your criteria, while also making interesting connections with people who share your interests.

The neighborhoods of Atlanta

Atlanta is a cosmopolitan and constantly expanding city, with many neighborhoods each with their own atmosphere and advantages. Midtown is known for its lively nightlife and numerous restaurants, bars and theaters. Buckhead, on the other hand, is known for its luxurious homes and renowned shopping centers. Finally, Decatur is appreciated for its peaceful atmosphere and numerous green parks. Whatever your lifestyle, you will surely find a neighborhood in Atlanta that suits you.

The benefits of Quoloc

By using Quoloc to find a roommate in Atlanta, you benefit from all the advantages of our platform dedicated to searching for shared living situations. We offer an easy-to-use interface, with practical filters to refine your search and quickly find the ideal roommate. We also offer the possibility to contact landlords or roommates directly who interest you, to

Finding a roommate in Atlanta can be difficult, but with Quoloc, you have all the chances on your side. Thanks to our dedicated platform, you can easily find a room that meets your criteria, while making new interesting connections. So don't hesitate and create your room search ad on Quoloc now. You will quickly find the ideal roommate and benefit from all the advantages of shared living in Atlanta.


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