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  • Bedroom  1
  • Living room  3
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom  1
  • Bedroom 2  1
  • Living room  1
  • Mezzanine
  • TV
  • Wardrobe
  • Air conditioning
  • Internet included
  • Near a subway
  • Bed
  • Patio / Balcony
  • Washing machine
  • Electricity included
  • Near a bus station
  • Desk
  • Private bathroom
  • Dishwasher
  • Heat included
  • Near a park
Furnished glyphFurnished
Animals glyphPets not allowed
Smoking glyphSmoking not permitted
Language glyphEnglish
Gender glyphMixed
Rent type glyphApartment

The room is available from the 18/07/2016 and for an indeterminate period of time

Furnished Room in Awesome Upper West Side Apartment

It’s a 2-bedroom apartment with an open kitchen and a large living room.  There is also a semi-closed mezzanine above the living room, which will (mainly) serve as a guest room for friends and family (yours as well of course). ; )

The kitchen includes an oven, a microwave, 4 hobs, a fridge, a freezer, a coffee machine, a toaster, an authentic 200 year old forest troll hidden in the closets, a boiler, all the basic kitchen accessories, and… a (f******g) dishwasher (yep!).

A few random info:  The apartment is located on the ground floor. It has been (almost) entirely revamped (with my little hands, and my now tiny, tiny bank account).  The common areas have very high ceilings (so it looks claaaaassy baby!).  There is a pretty decent amount of storage space.  The living room has AC and there is an extra unit if needed.  The two bedrooms each have a powerful ceiling fan.  There is no TV but the living room has a home cinema (it’s like a free cinema, except that you have to move your ass to make your own popcorn). : )
6.5x12 ft room, furnished.  Everything is brand new including the full-size bed and the mattress.  It also has a powerful ceiling fan, an Eams chair, a funky blanket and a poster of an awkward blind greek statue spying on you while you’re asleep.
The apartment is located on 82nd Street, crossing Colombus Ave. The neighbourhood is extremely safe: the cops are literally next door (so no, you can’t smoke pot at the window).  It is also very calm: the police never turns on their sirens; windows face an inside court, so the only things you hear are birds singing and, occasionally, neighbours’ kids having fun in the private garden below the apartment.

The area is also easily accessible with public transport; it is 3mn away from line B and C, 7mn away from line 1, and there are a lot of buses, including the M79, which gets you to the Upper East Side in less than 10mn.

There are tones of (affordable) bars and restaurants on Amsterdam and Colombus.  There are also a lot of supermarket options, Zabar’s is 5mn away, and a cute local market every Sunday.

Oh! And Central Park is 2 blocks away. : )
You will share the apartment with me and let me tell you right now, I’m a real pain in the a**.  More seriously, I’m a 28 year-old male French pursuing a PhD in organisational psychology at NYU Stern.  I love art (there is and will be plenty in the apartment), I’m a (quasi-)vegetarian, I grow my own aromatic herbs and I have a beard (so yes, by many standards, I probably have a bit of severum hipsteritis).  I like cinema, music, american literature, photography, dark humour, tea, cooking, lazying around… I'm reasonably well travelled.  I lived in Boston for 2 years before moving to NYC last August.  Also, I'm accustomed to sharing apartments.
Basic criteria:
* male or female between 25 and 32 yr old
* minimum rental term of 10-12 months, starting asap.
* non-smoker, no pets

If you have a gun fetish, you pray Dick Chesney every full moon, you swear by country music, or you think art never produced anything better than the last Trump/Pence logo, this is really not the right place for you.

If you’re fun, arty, open-minded and easy going but responsible, you are very welcome.  I’ll be partly working from home so the place has to be reasonably calm but I’m not a monk and it should be a sociable house too.  Foreign friends or family visiting are perfectly okay.  Diners with friends, boyfriend/girlfriend sleepovers, occasional hookups and sporadic parties are fine too, as long as it’s not too frequent and too impromptu.  The idea is to create a tolerant but tolerable place to live.
So, here is the deal:  The price for the room is $1,855 (charges, electricity, internet, etc. included) with a deposit of 2 months ($1,855 * 2 = $3,710) + $300 non-refundable for the review of your profile by the management company.

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$1,818 / MONTH
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Ad made by Stephane F.
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