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San Diego, California's seaside city, offers an ideal year-round climate, renowned beaches and a variety of unique neighborhoods for every lifestyle. Finding the perfect apartment can be a challenge, which is why is here to help. We have a great selection of apartments in San Diego, ranging from entire apartments to shared apartments, to meet every need.

Our website is easy to use and allows you to search for apartments based on your preferences, such as apartment size, number of bedrooms, location and budget. We also have quality photos to help you visualize each apartment. Plus, our support team is here to help you find the perfect apartment. With, you can be sure to find an apartment that suits your needs and preferences.


The Pros and Cons of Different San Diego Neighborhoods
San Diego is a city with many unique neighborhoods, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. For example:
• The Pacific Beach area is known for its renowned beaches, bars, and restaurants, but it can get crowded in the summer.
• The La Jolla neighborhood is an exclusive residential area, with stunning ocean views, but rents are high.
• The Hillcrest neighborhood is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with an active LGBTQ+ community scene, but it can get loud at night.
• The North Park neighborhood is a booming neighborhood with plenty of trendy bars and restaurants, but it can be more expensive than other San Diego neighborhoods.

It's important to consider your preferences and needs when looking for an apartment in San Diego, as each neighborhood has its own advantages and disadvantages. allows you to search for apartments by neighborhood, making it easy to select an apartment that suits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific needs. We have apartment search experts who can help you find the perfect apartment, whether it's an apartment, a house or a shared room.

In summary, is the best place to find an apartment in San Diego. We have a great selection of apartments, an easy to use search interface and a support team to help you find the perfect apartment. If you are looking for an apartment in San Diego, feel free to use our website to find the perfect apartment for you. We have apartments in every neighborhood of San Diego, options for temporary or long-term rentals, and a dedicated team to help you through your apartment search. Thanks to, you can be sure to find an apartment that suits your needs and preferences. Make San Diego your next vacation destination or home base using!


Apartments stats in San Diego

apartments available
average monthly rent
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Latest housings posted in San Diego

Kyrel P. San Diego
$1,022 / MONTH
Kinjal P. San Diego
$915 / MONTH
Jamie F. San Diego
$574 / MONTH
17800449 10154998216680170 517238119200867252 n
13418811 10154105866900170 2705309425991707467 n
Sara E. San Diego
$1,044 / MONTH
Img 4136
No avatar
laura d. San Diego
$775 / MONTH
 u6a0009 copy
16473249 10158319161605093 3606254459947904935 n
Jonathan P. San Diego
$1,910 / MONTH
No avatar
Amy D. San Diego
$1,336 / MONTH
350 tileimage1 homepage v2
No avatar
Jenny Z. San Diego
$525 / MONTH
Img 5393 sanb3 0
10492271 10153370784684192 8407168250296250711 n
Annick S. San Diego
$904 / MONTH
Img 4729
No avatar
Stefanie S. San Diego
$823 / MONTH
945874 10153832796399568 6537724739281061434 n
Kaitlyn S. San Diego
$1,072 / MONTH
00n0n 1uu4yoju1wp 600x450
12249734 10154455701139896 5066524660618059856 n
Olivier D. San Diego
$644 / MONTH
11242688 970809052977054 5170012927155539762 n
Ariane H. San Diego
$936 / MONTH
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